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Drakkar Specialized Recruitment – Engineering & Industrialization stands out with its sector-based expertise and privileged access to qualified talent.

With nearly 25 years of experience in recruitment within your targeted industry, our approach works toward a single common goal: the perfect fit between talent and client.

We work as a team to fill positions which are difficult to find on the market and require dedication and creativity. Their timeliness is outstanding!

Eveline Dodier-Roy, Administrative Services, Mesotec

Our sector-based expertise:
Your key to success

  • Field expertise in your sector and knowledge of current best practices on the market
  • Rapid understanding of your industry needs: our experts speak your language
  • Dedicated high-performance sector recruitment marketing strategies
  • Technological and scientific tools for analyzing, cataloguing and targeting applications

Our recruitment services

Our boutique specialized recruitment agency offers a wide range of solutions for your sector of activity. Our experts deliver services tailor-made to your needs.

Many key positions in your industry require permanent employees to ensure continuity of operations and activities. For this type of hiring, you need a specialized team of experts to support you step by step until your employee becomes part of the team.

The quality of our process gives you quick access to the talent you want. Employees join your team following a structured support process: analysis of your needs; targeted recruitment strategies; evaluation of applications; validation of skills and certifications; criminal record and reference verifications; interviews, selection and presentation; integration process. No matter what your needs, our role is to support you through every one of these stages, promoting results-driven collaboration.

This sector is characterized by cyclical activities that involve coordinating and completing special projects. We know that your recruitment needs can be temporary, varying with workload and execution timelines, and requiring additional specialized labour.

With our large pool of temporary employees, we have the resources you are looking for. As the employer, our turnkey and efficient service offers peace of mind. We cover aspects of the hiring process, including but not limited to:

  • Recruitment
  • Proper employment verifications including references
  • Hiring and retention
  • OHS training and prevention
  • Training for transporting hazardous materials.

And as the employer, we also assume full responsibility to the governments and our employees:

  • Remittance of source deductions and employer contributions
  • Payroll, group insurance, benefits and vacation
  • Complete management of employee files.

Our temporary employees benefit from ongoing professional development and technical training programs, allowing better and rapid integration for the targeted position. Throughout the mandate, we work closely with you and our employee to ensure everyone is satisfied. Our solutions deliver results you expect, with no compromise in productivity.

Our sector-based expertise is our guarantee of quality

  • Engineers: stress analysis, system, avionics, design
  • Managers: quality, production, supply, project leader
  • Method Agents: structure, system, mechanics, electric
  • Designers: structure, aircraft interior, electric, mechanics
  • Machinists & Operators: CNC, 3 to 5 axis, conventional
  • Maintenance Technicians: avionics, mechanics, structure
  • Knowledge of Transport Canada regulations, including those governing the delivery of aircraft maintenance licences, and of Federal Aviation Administration regulations
  • Registration with the Controlled Goods Program (PWGSC): compliance to Canadian rules and regulations related to prevention, control and safety
  • ISO 9001:2008 Certification
  • Well-structured program to manage occupational health and safety, prevention, compliance and training, including official Healthy Living Committee and OHS Recognition Program
  • Enforcement of ACSESS’ Code of Ethics and Standards (Association of Canadian Search, Employment and Staffing Services) and member of ASA (American Staffing Association)
  • Privileged access to thousands of specialized talent, including graduates, emerging workforce and experienced professionals
  • Participation in career days at specialized schools, including the ÉNA
  • Strategies to attract specialized resources who come from abroad and are ready to settle and work in Canada
  • Coordination of external training of specialized cohorts to align skills with the customer’s needs
  • Targeted and sector-based approach in social media
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