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The Cover Letter

You’ve finished your résumé, which showcases your skills and qualifications. So how do you demonstrate your motivation? Through a cover letter!

Cover letters, while crucial to finding a job, are far from easy to write. But without one, how can you convince an employer that you’re the ideal candidate?

Here are a few tricks to help.

1. Find a model letter

Don’t start with an empty page! Use the models provided with your word processing software, or download Drakkar’s model here.

This way, you won’t have to worry about formatting or alignment; you can just replace the text with your own words.

The ideal structure? The three-paragraph model:


Employer’s name
Employer’s address

Subject: Job application

Dear Mr./Ms. (insert last name),

1st paragraph: Indicate your interest in the company and the position that you’re after

2nd paragraph: Show what you can bring to the company, your potential contribution

3rd paragraph: Thank the employer for considering your application and ask for a meeting

Customary close,

Your name
Your address

encl.: Résumé

2. Writing your letter
Keep the following in mind when writing your letter:
  • Adapt the text for the job you want and the company you are applying to. Most importantly, don’t send a letter addressed to another employer.
  • Draft a different personalized letter for every job you apply for.
  • Show that you’re motivated! Your letter must reflect your personality and communication skills.
  • Explain why you want to work for the company.
  • Specify how your aptitudes correspond to the job.
  • Avoid repetition, in particular using the pronoun “I” at the beginning of every sentence.
3. Edit, edit… edit!
We can’t say it enough: your language and presentation have to be impeccable.
  • Use all the tools available: dictionaries, spell checkers, etc.
  • Read and reread.
  • If possible, ask someone you know with strong language skills to read the letter.

What can you do for this company that no one else can?


Here are some tools you can download to help you in your job search!

Résumé model focused on job experience
Résumé model focused on accomplishments
Résumé model focused on skills
Cover letter model