Tips: Resume and job search

Your resume’s objective: get yourself a call and an interview

To do so, your resume must highlight your skills and career path in a precise and powerful manner. You have one minute to make a good impression and set yourself apart.

A clear layout

  • Your resume must be clear, modest, easy to read and not exceed 2-3 pages
  • Limit use of multiple fonts, dashes, lines and other graphics
  • Not to be included: picture, salary requirements, social insurance number, date of birth, marital status

Compelling content

  • Skills, certifications, licenses, languages spoken and written
  • Experience and training related to the position you are seeking
  • Your past jobs achievements
  • Community commitments and hobbies, if relevant

Writing a powerful resume

  • Use short sentences and action verbs: coordinate, communicate, produce, create, etc.
  • Proofread, again and again – You only have one chance to look professional
  • Make use of all possible resources for proofreading (correctors, dictionaries, friends, parents)

Resume templates